Help with evidencing

“You know, it sounds like an excellent story, but I can’t choose them as a winner because they simply haven’t backed up their claims well enough”.

This is a very common comment by experienced awards judges. This service will help ensure it never refers to your award entries.

Whether it’s for submissions we are writing, or submissions our clients are writing, our experience of quickly and inexpensively gathering evidence to substantiate award submissions is invaluable.

How we can help

Before a project begins:

  • Running focus groups to ensure you know what success will look like for each stakeholder group.
  • Helping you articulate the right objectives (not just lists of deliverables or strategies).
  • Helping you agree your measures of success and how you will measure them.
  • Running our “Measure What Matters” workshops for key employees who need to improve their understanding of impact evaluation.

During and after a project:

  • Analysing data, and plotting the “killer” graphs that clearly illustrate your impact. We are particularly good at doing this, often uncovering jaw-dropping correlations and insights.
  • Designing and implementing stakeholder surveys that go beyond assessing opinion, and can be used to quantify real impact.
  • Undertaking benchmarking exercises which (hopefully) prove that you are the best in your sector – or by how much you need to improve.
  • Ensuring people measure what they say they will measure.
  • Calculating return on investment.

Boost Evaluation Ltd

We have evaluated over 300 initiatives over the years – all to a standard that will convince even a sceptical awards judge.
We have become so experienced now that we have created a wholly owned subsidiary – Boost Evaluation Ltd – which specialises in just this service. This also allows us to act as the source of data in your award submissions. Click here to visit the Boost Evaluation website.
Boost Evaluation website

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